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Menu restaurant Gate periodically adjusted according to the requirements of the guests. Our chefs are true masters in their field , especially food prepared with fresh ingredients and food. The menu is classic and lesser-known Czech cuisine and interesting selection and very tasty cuisine Italian, Mexican and American.

The menu features such as directly with us made ​​ravioli stuffed dumplings and various appetizers. Of course there are soups, salads and home-made pasta, we also offer various types of gnocchi or risotto. The menu includes beef , pork and chicken in various ways. You can order a beef steaks, pork tenderloin or chicken breasts, marinated and roasted pork ribs or chicken wings. Also interesting are the burgers with beef. Fish with us primarily represents fresh salmon and perch. As a sweet finish after a good meal we have different desserts.

In our interactive arranged menu addition at every meal for the recommended wine that is selected the most suitable food.

Outside offers regular menu is here from Monday to Sunday daily menu with soup and several other dishes. The carefully chosen so as to best meet the different tastes of our guests, and they could order a full meal at an affordable price.

The high-quality food and good drinks include . We are of course many soft drinks as well as several varieties of beer including black. We also have a variety of quality aperitifs and liqueurs, alcoholic drinks gin, vodka, excellent rum, tequila, whiskey, bourbon and cognac, all in a variety of proven brands.

Is very extensive wine selection. We selected especially delicious, high-quality wines from Moravia. Out of Moravian wines can also be enjoyed excellent international wines from Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Chile, Argentina, Australia and New Zealand. Price of wine with us because of their quality actually more than very acceptable. Details about each wine and winemaking, from which it derives, easy to find in our interactive wine list.

We believe that our breakfast, dining and wine list interesting that you choose in it and also that you selected meals and drinks will taste.

We wish you a good taste.

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